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Whether you're looking for an app to develop, or want to improve or redesign your existing app, we can help you strategize your project.


Choose technology innovation consulting and in-depth market understanding and your company will have a successful strategy.


With our help, you'll get user-centric digital tools and omnichannel experiences that fully meet your customers' needs and business goals.


We take an iterative approach to obtaining digital products with maximum efficiency, resolving changes quickly, and delivering budgets on time.


We integrate new products into your business and digital infrastructure to provide quality assurance and performance insights for future optimization.


Perfect after-sales service, provide half a year of maintenance and upgrade, GOWIN paved the way for your network marketing, so that you quickly succeed.

Customized design

  • User-centered interaction design is in line with the brand image of the enterprise
  • Clear user needs, positioning product direction, accurate digital marketing
  • Products from concept to development, the real implementation
  • Breaking the rules, the passion of art and business collide
  • Full cycle service

Precipitation Technology

  • Special personnel to follow up the website project, so that your website quickly as scheduled online
  • Years of web design experience, let you have both practicality and texture of the site
  • A variety of design styles for your choice, the finished products will be in line with your brand image
  • 350+ small and medium-sized enterprises, different industries website and shop design experience
  • A former Google search and rating specialist takes the lead to ensure 100% SEO friendly sites

Localization service

  • We can explain our solution to your needs and see if it can meet your plan
  • Local customers provide door-to-door service, improve communication efficiency, more quickly landing user needs
  • Transparent in pricing, create the best brand website and sales
  • Can be based on your development function needs, free to help you evaluate the development of quotation scheme
  • Special personnel to follow up the website project, so that your website quickly as scheduled online

Gowin Create Mobile Apps So Your Users Can Enjoy Their Lives On The Go


We have designed and produced apps for Rainbow a non-profit organizations, which provide a way for Christians to openly communicate with other users and discuss their opinions. We also provide devotional and sermon notes, write down thoughts for reflection, and record their prayers with the function of offering prayers. In addition, the project set up friends, namely the day function, Christians can privately set up groups or directly with each other private chat.

My spirituality
  • Tap the content box to jump out of the writing button to write spiritual notes in any text passage
  • Write your own annotated notes on each verse
  • Devotions can also be shared on blogs
  • Notes can be taken at any time in any paragraph, with personal characteristics of the annotated Bible
My prayer
  • all my prayers
  • Tick a prayer promised by god
  • Create a private prayer circle and pray with your brothers and sisters
  • Open prayer circles may also be opened
Hear notes
  • For mobile and desktop, you can insert bible verses
  • Write your own listening notes online, save them in the cloud
  • The same pre - compiled speaking outline, each person can continue to add content to become their own listening notes
My blog/post
  • Both mobile phones and computers make blogging and editing easy
  • Can insert picture/audio/video
  • Articles can be classified
  • Tag
  • Easy to share to other social media
  • There are editors for posts and replies
  • Latest topics/latest replies/hot topics
  • Easy to share to other social media
  • 20 main plates

Marketing activities

Group purchasing, second kill, haggling, coupons, value storage, points, small games, help stores to attract new customers.

Expand customer sales

Mini program, live broadcast, e-commerce, community group, recommendation.

Big Data Analytics

All-round multidimensional operation data tracking and analysis, real-time control of store operation status.

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